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2012 WSU National Letter Of Intent Signing Day: LIVE CHAT

The day is finally here. We'll be along with many more posts detailing what's happening throughout the day, but for live play by play of letters faxed in, join the Cover it Live chat below! We've been chatting for the past six hours, and Mark and I have been awake for almost 24 hours straight. Wooooo!

Bolded players have either enrolled or signed their LOI

  • Gabriel Marks
  • Jeremiah Allison
  • David Buccannon
  • Austin Apodaca
  • Robert Lewis
  • Khalil Pettway
  • Kache Palacio
  • Eduardo Middleton
  • Denzell Dotson
  • Taylor Taliulu
  • Sam Flor
  • B.J. Salmonson
  • Alex Jackson
  • Jacob Tuivaiave
  • Keith Ewing
  • Brett Bartolone
  • Teondray Caldwell
  • Theron West
  • Pierson Villarrubia
  • Niu Sale
  • Robert Barber
  • Ioane Gauta
  • Destiny Vaeao
  • Feddie Davey
  • Mike Bowlin
  • Sam Jones
  • Alex Mitchell

The Recruits

If you'd like to view this first spreadsheet in its own window, you can do that here.

If you'd like to filter the data (e.g. only show running backs, only show four-star recruits, only show three-star recruits from California, etc.) play around with this chart -- it's pretty cool.


Click on each placemark for more information about the recruit.