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Zach Koepp Runs Headfirst Into A Gas Meter, Gets Arrested

I actually just glossed over this in the police logs on Sunday, thinking long snapper Zach Koepp's arrest wasn't too big a deal. A long snapper getting arrested for obstructing a public servant isn't a huge problem in the scheme of it all, especially considering the events of last weekend. But an arrest is an arrest, and it's the offseason so we're all bored, looking for good stories..

This is a good story, believe it or not. The details here are important and really make the story go. From Christian Caple (emphasis mine):

Pullman Police spokesman Cmdr. Chris Tennant said police received a complaint of a person throwing rocks at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house at about 12:31 a.m. Sunday. Koepp was seen in the area when police responded, Tennant said, and fled on foot before slipping in the mud and hitting his head on a metal grate covering a gas meter.

If this isn't the most long snapper way to get arrested, I'm not sure what is (maybe long snapping rocks at windows, though we don't know if he was even involved in the rock throwing).

Koepp was checked out at the hospital and later released, with only a cut to show for the whole thing. He also missed the final two games of last season after suffering a concussion against Arizona State, so that seems important considering the way he was arrested. This whole story is ridiculous and hilarious, but not so much concerning.

It's likely Koepp will have some kind of extra conditioning or something to that affect as punishment for the arrest. Then again, slipping into a gas meter in the middle of a crowded greek row on a Saturday night is pretty good punishment in itself.