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Taking A Closer Look At Reggie Moore's Unique Skill Set

We all know Reggie Moore has a lot of basketball skill. He can pass, he can dribble, he can drive, he can even shoot. Having watched him play for three years, none of that comes as a surprise. Moore, however, has one other skill that has largely gone unnoticed and unappreciated.

Reggie Moore is an elite starer.

Don't believe me? Check out the video below where Moore puts on a staring performance few can equal. The clip is slowed to half speed, but you can watch the original 14 second clip here.

Talk about impressive. You may have noticed, before Moore blinks once, Brock Motum blinks three times! Then again, Australians have never been competitive in the world staring championships.

Let's take a closer look at Moore's technique. Now, I never competed or coached staring at the high school or college level so some of you may dismiss my opinion, but Moore's skills are so evident anyone can see them.

The first thing you notice is Moore's perfect execution of the "wide-eyed" technique. Staring competition referees are known to be even worse than Pac-12 referees so you don't want to give them a chance to flag you for a squinting. During the entire performance, Moore's eyes never strain, it doesn't even look like he's trying!

Next, you notice the extreme focus. Moore is not distracted by people talking or moving in the room. He's able to shift his eye focus without hesitation, a skill only the great ones possess. Moore is so focused, not even Motum's ill-fitting shirt can distract him.

Where Moore really separates himself is his ability to overcome all obstacles. You'll notice early on, Moore fights off a hiccup/burp without problem. Involuntary bodily functions are known to be the greatest challenge to the sport of staring. A lot of great competitors have been done in by a sneeze. Moore appears to have great body control and it appears the only person who can beat Reggie Moore at staring is Reggie Moore.

If there was a staring ranking site similar to, there is no question Moore would be ranked as a five-star prospect. He has all of the skills you look for in a prospect, it's really amazing to watch greatness of this level.

Currently, staring is not an official event in the Summer Olympics, but jumping on a trampoline is so it's obvious the high demand for staring contests will lead to it's inclusion possibly as soon as the 2016 Summer Olympics. Moore has one more season of basketball eligibility, but I would not be surprised to see him go the route of Jeshua Anderson and leave basketball to instead focus on training for the world staring championships.

While we all currently watch him on FSN, it won't be long until Moore is a mainstay on ESPN 8 The Ocho.