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Jason Gesser Hired As Idaho Offensive Coordinator

Jason Gesser has had quite the year, shifting his focus from high school football to college and working as an assistant on Robb Akey's staff at Idaho. Last season, Gesser worked as the Vandals running backs coach, a position that may seem odd at first, but was a way to get a foot in the door of FBS coaching. A couple weeks ago, Gesser was reportedly moved to his more natural coaching spot: quarterbacks coach.

And now for something completely different. On Thursday, Akey announced Gesser will take over as Idaho's offensive coordinator this coming season.

That's a pretty quick rise up the coaching ladder for Gesser, who just under a year ago was set to take an unpaid assistant position on Paul Wulff's staff. Akey swooped in and offered him a paid position as the running backs coach, leading to his eventual promotion to offensive coordinator.

It's quite impressive to see Gesser working his way to the top in less than a year. I'm also left to wonder what happened to Mike Levenseller. We all assumed the Idaho offensive coordinator job was his, and now it obviously isn't. Perhaps he'll be taking on a different position at Idaho in a strange twist of events that would have him working under Gesser. Perhaps he's in Tahiti sipping a Mai Tai. Who knows!

And hey, maybe Idaho will look like the WSU teams of the early 2000's. Ol' Robb Akey jumping up and down on the sidelines, Jason Gesser running the show for a fast-paced spread offense and ... wait a minute I feel old all of a sudden.

Edit: Levy is still expected to join the staff. Co-offensive coordinator seems to be the position. This could actually be a fun experiment to watch.