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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Monday Morning Trivia

We are coming up on end of the regular season which means it is almost time to wrap up this trivia contest. The final installment of the MMTQ will be next Monday. No contestant has pulled away from the pack, so the title is still up for grabs. The winner will receive some sort of awesome prize and the respect of the millions. Today's two questions are each worth 10 points and have nothing to do with free throw shooting.

Q1: Since the 2001-2002 season, which player played the most minutes?

Q2: Since the 2001-2002 season, which player produced the highest points scored per minute played?

Just to clarify, question one is asking for the most minutes played across multiple seasons.

Current Standings

Blackie1829 - 87

Wazzu-Hondo - 80

SoCalCoug - 78

Craig - 70

BigWood - 55

Coug999 - 43

Nusser - 40

Neil Vincent Roberts - 34

WazzuCrew11 - 25

B-lot tailgater - 24

Bearcat44 - 20

Cougdude50 - 15

LeaveItToWeaver - 15

Johnnycougar - 13

klokkins - 10

Tinit -10

Rancourt - 10

BleedCrimson - 10

02Coug - 10

cfred - 10

wsubigdeal - 10

Shellin - 10

sdcoug09 - 10

-Tag - 10

t-line_coug - 5

Rochestie4ever - 5

Men's Basketball

Sometimes even winning isn't winning - SportsLink - - Feb. 26, 2012
Washington State: Anyone who has read this blog in the past knows I have one coach I have put above all others: John Wooden. And you also know that it's hard for me to go against any of Wooden's dictums.

JIM MOORE | Lamenting another baffling Cougar loss » Kitsap Sun
I've probably mentioned this before — it's great to be a Coug, but it's tough at times.

Cal-Hi Sports State Athlete of the Week - ESPNHS California - ESPNHS
Four-year varsity basketball player Richard Longrus from Bishop O’Dowd of Oakland was all grins and smiles until it came time to take his picture.


Sunday's Baseball Game Suspended - The Washington State University Official Athletic Site
PULLMAN, Wash. - Sunday's doubleheader between Washington State and Nebraska Omaha was suspended in the bottom of the fifth inning of the first game due to snow. The game will resume Monday at noon at Bailey-Brayton Field with the Cougars leading 5-0 with two outs in the fifth. The second game will begin 30 minutes after the conclusion on Game 1.

Women's Basketball

Local News | Washington wins 34th straight over Cougars 60-56 | Seattle Times Newspaper
June Daugherty was at the helm when Washington started its astounding streak of dominance over rival Washington State.