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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Tuesday Morning Links

Sunday, while searching through old trivia questions, I noticed Monday was the 200th consecutive day I've posted hot cougar action. I've emailed the Elias Sports Bureau to find out if that is some sort of a record, but while I wait to hear back from them, I think it's as good a time as any to get some feedback on these morning posts.

If I'm going to continue the streak for another 200 days, I'd at least like to do it a way people enjoy. Maybe you'd prefer if I wrote less and just posted the links. A lot of SB Nation sites post morning links, maybe another site does something well that we should look at. Maybe you'd just like more Goosebumps references. Whether it's a suggestion or a critique, don't hold back.

No feelings will be hurt, no bans will be issued, if you think these posts suck, now is the time to say it. The idea here is to find out what works and what doesn't. If you'd rather not post "Mark, you are terrible because..." in the comments, you can email me here instead.

Consider this the hot cougar action airing of grievances.

Men's Basketball

Last Monday of the season - SportsLink - - Feb. 27, 2012
FROM PULLMAN — Some more snow tonight, but the Honda managed to make it all the way to my apartment building last night, so all is well. We have a couple Pac-12 games to recap on our last Monday of the regular season, so read on.

Cougars to End Regular Season in Los Angeles - The Washington State University Official Athletic Site
WSU TRAVELS TO L.A. FOR FINAL REGULAR-SEASON GAMES: The Washington State University men's basketball team (14-14, 6-10) will travel to Los Angeles to face UCLA (19-8, 12-3) and USC (6-23, 1-15) in the final regular-season games of the 2011-12 season.

Conference Power Rankings: Pac-12 - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

8. Washington State: The Cougars nearly took down the Huskies in Pullman Saturday, a win that may well have sunk Washington's at-large hopes for good. Instead, Washington escaped with the 59-55 win, as Wazzu's offense -- which, pre-Faisal Aden injury, was one of the league's best while at home -- fell short.


Cougars Complete Sweep of Nebraska Omaha - The Washington State University Official Athletic Site

Junior Taylor Ard collected three hits and sophomore Adam Nelubowich added a three-run home run to lift Washington State to a 5-3 victory over Nebraska Omaha, giving the Cougars a sweep of Monday's doubleheader.