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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Monday Morning Trivia

Like most of you, I spent most of Sunday watching the Super Bowl. It was an exciting time in the Sandritter house as I was just a mere five incorrect picks from nailing my six prop parlay bet. While watching the game, I started thinking about WSU players playing in the Super Bowl which leads to today's three trivia questions, all worth 10 points.

Q1: Who was the last WSU player to win the Super Bowl?

Q2: Who was the last WSU player to gain a rushing or receiving yard in a Super Bowl?

Q3: Who was the last WSU player to start on offense in the Super Bowl?

Updated MMTQ Standings

Blackie1829 - 87

Wazzu-Hondo - 80

SoCalCoug - 68

Craig - 60

BigWood - 55

Coug999 - 43

Nusser - 40

WazzuCrew11 - 25

B-lot tailgater - 24

Neil Vincent Roberts - 24

Bearcat44 - 20

Cougdude50 - 15

LeaveItToWeaver - 15

Johnnycougar - 13

Tinit -10

Rancourt - 10

BleedCrimson - 10

02Coug - 10

cfred - 10

wsubigdeal - 10

Shellin - 10

sdcoug09 - 10

-Tag - 10

t-line_coug - 5

Rochestie4ever - 5

Men's Basketball

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I covered five of the most recent wins and attended another trio of the games, so I can tell you it's a weird winning streak. For some reason, the ball always seems to bounce the Bruins' way when they need it.

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FROM PULLMAN — We have our usual Pac-12 roundup after a full slate of games on Saturday. Read on for that and some additional quotes and video wrapping up WSU's loss to UCLA.

Football Moos gets A+, talks facilities & fundraising
KENNEWICK -- Washington State Athletic Director Bill Moos told a crowd of more than 300 Cougar fans on Friday that while he was a fairly good student when he was in college it wasn’t until very recently that he received his highest mark. "My first A+ was from Sports Illustrated," Moos said. "(They) gave it to me for bringing Mike Leach to WSU."