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CJ Mizell Arrested After Fight At A Fraternity, According To Report

Washington State linebacker CJ Mizell was arrested on Monday Sunday night, according to a report by KREM in Spokane. The arrest stems from an alleged assault at an off-campus fraternity, which reportedly took place Friday early Sunday morning. Mizell was not apprehended at that time -- the report indicates he had left the scene -- but was reportedly picked up later on Sunday.

Details from the report, which is short, are below.

Police say C.J. Mizell was in a fight at the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity on Friday night.

When police arrived on scene Mizell had fled.

Mizell was arrested on Sunday on charges of 4th degree assault. He was booked, cited and released.

As we've learned before, 4th degree assault is about as low of a charge as one can get for an altercation, but this still doesn't look good. Mizell's struggles have been well-documented -- from a one-game suspension to questionable practice habits -- in the past. With the new coaching staff, one would expect the soon-to-be junior linebacker was in line to get a fresh start, and this doesn't help matters.

What comes next is not yet known. We would have to assume Mizell had already been given "the talk" as part of the coaching transition, and his arrest, if the reports are true, could spell the end of his tenure as a member of the football team. Or he could end up punished in the same way Mike Leach came down on players who fought at Texas Tech: With a simulated boxing training session that stretches for hours and involves grueling stations. Who knows!

Back with more as we know it.