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2012 NCAA TOURNAMENT: First Four Games Thread

Yes, we're already halfway through the first game. And yes, the tournament doesn't really start until tomorrow, despite the NCAA's protestation to the contrary.

Consider this a little streamin' and threadin' prefunk for tomorrow's day-long party.

I expected Lamar to handle Vermont, but the Catamounts are off to a strong start, no doubt thanks to a pep talk from the university's most distinguished grad student, Craig Powers. I am certain this is not up for debate.

In the nightcap, Cal will be the first of the Pac-12's two representatives to attempt to defend the honor of our much maligned conference. For what it's worth, Ken Pomeroy's laptop projects the Bears as favorites in this game. USF's offense was next to last in the Big East on a per possession basis, and Cal's defense is pretty good -- I really wouldn't be surprised if the Bears won this in rather comfortable fashion.

Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if they crapped themselves. Sports!

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