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2012 NCAA TOURNAMENT THREAD: Day One, Morning Session

They're baaaaaaack. It's NCAA Tournament time ladies and gentlemen (and Kyle), which more importantly means the return of NCAA Tournament game threads.

We will be threadin' all day and you can get your streamin' on via this link.

Next Game

I don't think the Rams will be very effective if they try to race Murray St.

I wonder how long it will take the announcing team to say one of the teams is playing with a lot of energy in the CONSOL Energy Center.

This is the second straight season Louisville drew a four-seed. Last year they lost to Morehead State in the first round, so obviously the same will happen this year. Davidson advances.

The fighting Ryan Divishs vs the Wisconsin Buzzcuts. This one is an obvious pick for me, #TeamBear.

Why is it called the KFC YUM! Center? Why not just the KFC Center? Where does the YUM come in?

Next Game

If a bulldog could do this to a stuffed animal, imagine what a team of bulldogs could do to an orange.

We all know who Brett The 49er is rooting for in this one.

Fun fact: Vanderbilt's nickname is, "The Harvard of the South." It's true, I read it on Urban Dictionary.