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2012 CBI TOURNAMENT: WSU Vs. OSU Open Game Thread And TV/Radio Info

No one's gonna love you more than I do.
No one's gonna love you more than I do.

This is the fourth date between these two teams. The third one ended up with the Beavers getting lucky, and knocking WSU out of the Pac-12 tournament. Even with the soured memory of that last meeting, WSU can't help but shake that feeling from the the first two and has come back for more. Heading over to OSU's house and cooking them dinner worked out before, so the Cougs figured it was worth another shot to try and recreate the magic.

Both teams have made it clear though, they are taking a break after tonight. This fling has become a little too serious, and both need to see other teams, or remove themselves from the game period.

So will WSU find that loving feeling that they lost? Or will it be the Beavs breaking the Cougs' hearts?

You can find out by turning your channel to HDNet or listening live at

Join us in the game thread!