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What Do You Want To Know About Spring Practice?

We're now two practices into the spring session and things are starting to ramp up for the Washington State Cougars. The team is in learning mode at this point as Mike Leach and his staff work to install the scheme and lay the foundation for the fall and, later, the season. It's a fun time and there's certainly a ton of curiosity surrounding spring practice.

Since I live in Pullman, I'll be at most of the practices, covering the happenings and storylines on the field. But this is a two-way street and I need your help.

Keeping in mind that we won't be talking about scheme or getting too detailed, what do you want to know about spring practice? What do you want to see covered? Are there any burning questions you're dying to know?

With 13 more practices to go, some of which will be scrimmages, there's plenty of time to gather information and keep an eye on certain things. And because we serve as the eyes and ears for you, the reader, drop some feedback into the comments.

Let me know what kind of coverage you'd like to see, as general as the way it's presented and as detailed as news you'd like passed along. I'll do my best to answer anything, so fire away.

As always, you can follow me on Twitter @BrianMFloyd and tweet me questions there, as well. The first practice report, from Saturday, can be found here.