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Mike Leach Goes Fishing In A Raft

It's a nice and sunny day here in Pullman, but the weather has been somewhat awful recently. Thanks to a snowfall late last week and a significant amount of rainfall over the last two days, Paradise Creek is running high. In fact, it's running so high that the pedestrian bridge downtown is closed because of the rushing waters.

You can see video of the rushing water, shot by WSU, here. I also wandered out to where the creek runs behind my apartment and shot my own video here.

Edit: Someone did actually take a kayak out today. Here's the video.

After tweeting out the video, Adam Kramer, of Kegs N Eggs and now Bleacher Report, and I started joking about Mike Leach riding down the river. That conversation, and the GIF borne out of it, can be found after the jump.

Trust me, you'll want to see this.

So I sent the idea over to our resident GIF expert, Mark Sandritter. This is the latest in the long line of amazing GIFs he's made.

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Happy Monday, y'all.