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Craig James Thinks Mike Leach Is A Bully, Insults Our Intelligence

This is so stupid. It shouldn't be a surprise, but it's so incredibly stupid and hypocritical that it has to be pointed out. Craig James thinks Mike Leach is a bully and is using that as a campaign platform. He's turning what happened at Texas Tech into an advertisement in which he labels himself as an America hero standing up for what's right.

And a transcript

"We supported our son against a bully -- bottom line. You can't do what Mike Leach did to our son and get away with it. Not in the United States of America. When our son called us and asked for support, we said absolutely. And if anybody out there doesn't agree with that, and wouldn't support their son or daughter from a bully, I don't care for their vote. They can keep their vote."

You know what the best way to fight someone you perceive as a bully is? Being an even bigger bully! This is the rationale James used when fighting back against whatever injustices he felt his son was subjected to by Leach -- you know, the ones that were made up and all that.

He stood up for what he felt was right ... by becoming the bully. By hiring a public relations firm, leaking information to his employer, ESPN, and bullying Texas Tech into firing Mike Leach. He didn't wait to hear both sides to the story, and was instead blinded by his loyalty to his son -- understandable in that he felt he was protecting his family, but his unwillingness to admit he did anything wrong is a problem.

The funny part about all of this is Mike Leach went from "bully" to victim, and the words James uses in the video actually apply to what Leach went through. Leach was bullied and has been steadfastly standing up against wrong -- the smear campaign against him.

In other words, vote for Mike Leach as President of the College Football Universe.

This has been a public service announcement not paid for by Mike Leach for Emperor, President, Prime Minister and Supreme Commander.