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Mike Leach Featured In Newest SB Nation Video, Starring Spencer Hall

Spencer Hall is a noted fan of Mike Leach, even spending a day sailing the seas of Key West last summer (read this if you haven't; or read it again if you have). And with Leach back in the game, we've inherited Spencer as a new Washington State fan, which is great for everybody. At some point, I'm expecting Mr. Hall to just move to Pullman and live the dream, following Leach and the Cougars around wherever they go.

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All that in mind, Spencer took some time to break down what we should expect from Leach and the Cougars this year. He notes that the spring may feature some rough points, because Leach installs his offense at a break-neck pace, then reps the living snot out of it. The simplicity of the system is what makes it beautiful, and the repetition makes it deadly.

Edit: And we're back, this time with a corrected version. Dan Rubenstein is just muttering Go Ducks! in the corner for some reason (kidding, the error was not his fault).

The system is already in place -- it was done in three days -- and now we're on to the repetition portion of the proceedings. Leach said the plan is to double-back on Thursday and go back over the vertical routes installed a week ago. It's certainly a lather, rinse, repeat style of installing an offense.

All told, Spencer's about right on. The personnel is there -- be it Jeff Tuel, Connor Halliday, Marquess Wilson or the rest of the gang -- but some rough patches are to be expected. Many of the burrs may be sanded off in the spring and fall, but at some point during the season, everything will probably click.

At that point, we'll need a new scoreboard.

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