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Coach Hironaka Takes A Recruiting Trip


The Washington State Cougars didn't leave Los Angeles on Saturday night, instead opting to stay in town before the Pac-12 Tournament. There was little point in traveling back to Pullman just to fly right back to L.A. for the tournament, thus the decision to stay. It also gave the coaching staff a little time to hit the road and watch a few prospects.

This is the story of assistant coach Jeff Hironaka's night.

Probably the calmest tweet possible from a man watching a brawl and seeing police with an assault rifle. But never fear! The trip wasn't a wash.

Back down to business, Hironaka's tweets switched from brawl watch to shot selection watch.

And, of course, the game didn't end quietly. Going to guess these two players aren't on the recruiting list.

The lesson in all of this? Junior college basketball is the best.

Hironaka was fine and shrugged it all off like he wasn't even phased. Just another reason Hiro should be your favorite assistant coach.