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Shutdown Fullback Features Mike Leach-Craig James Grudge Match And Rasslin'

If you haven't yet watched Spencer Hall and Jason Kirk's lovely creation, Shutdown Fullback, you're missing out. It's comedy, jokes about Nick Saban, and college football all rolled together in one weekly show. There's running jokes, hilarious side-stories in each episode and, yes, some hard-hitting news from the world of college football.*

*Note: Haha, it's the offseason! What hard-hitting news?

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This week's show is the rasslin' episode, because Wrestlemania is this weekend! There's two very special guests, and a wrestling match going on in the background throughout the show. At one point, the crowd is chanting "Barbasol" in slow-motion, which should tell you all you need to know about Shutdown Fullback.

Mike Leach also makes an appearance, thanks to Craig James' bully video. That's a good enough excuse to post Shutdown Fullback over here, even if I don't truly need a reason anyway. You can find that portion of the episode during the first quarter, right around the 3:30 mark. The term "douche shower" is used, so be sure to check it out.

Also of note, Luke Zimmerman goes IN-DEPTH AT EDSBS to examine which coach is more alt: Nick Saban or Mike Leach. We all know what the answer is.

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