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Ryan Leaf Arrested On Burglary, Drug Charges, According To Report

I thought he had things turned around. I swore up and down Ryan Leaf was different, changed. I brushed aside everyone saying this was the same old Leaf with the same old problems.

Those people were probably right.

Leaf was arrested at about 12:35 p.m., according to Great Falls Police Sgt. Dean Bennett.

Bennett said that an abbreviated police log of the arrest states Leaf was arrested at the Probation and Parole Office at 219 5th St. S.

"One of our officers picked him up, arrested him and booked him in," Bennett said.

More on Ryan Leaf's arrest

Don't come here to lecture me or us. Don't come here to make fun of Leaf or rub everyone's nose into it. Leaf has a problem and that problem apparently hasn't been solved.

There are a lot of words running through my head right now, and not many of them are fit to be published. I'll be back later, whenever I can gather them together in a coherent, somewhat sanitary way.

Edit: Changed the blurb to reflect an update from the Great Falls Tribune. Odd he was picked up at his Probation Office, but we'll see what all happened when more details become available.