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Ryan Leaf Arrest: Texas Prosecutor Will File To Revoke Probation

We haven't heard much out of Ryan Leaf since his arrest yesterday on burglary and drug possession charges, but we're starting to hear from the other parties who will take an interest in his legal mishap.

Namely, representatives of the state of Texas.

According to the Associated Press, the district attorney who prosecuted Leaf in 2010 on similar charges will file a motion, presumably on Monday, to have Leaf's 10-year probation revoked:

"I think it's sad," [James] Farren said of the allegations against Leaf in Montana. "While I hoped for better results I'm not surprised it happened."

I'm not sure the final comment was warranted, but whatever. The real story here is that this is bad news for Leaf, who now faces the prospect of a conviction and serious jail time in Texas -- Farren said the judge could elect to enforce each charge separately and "stack" the sentences. The AP reports that some of the charges carry up to 20 years each.

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I would assume that sort of an outcome is unlikely, but you have to remember that we're talking about Texas, which has a unique brand of "justice." I'm also unsure if Farren knows more about this latest arrest than the rest of us or if this is standard operating procedure in these cases -- the story is unclear in that regard.

Either way ... I don't see a scenario where this situation ends well in the short term. In the long term? There's still always the hope for continued recovery. And I will continue to hold out that hope for Ryan.