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Ryan Leaf's Arrest Stemmed From Lengthy Investigation

There's a lot of bad things in the report regarding Ryan Leaf's arrest, so we'll try to parse through them all. The arrest reportedly stemmed from a month-long investigation after police were tipped off to suspicious packages being delivered to Great Falls. Leaf, who is on probation, was asked about the packages and police searched his residence and property.

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And that's where everything went downhill. In Leaf's truck, police found prescription drugs (via the Great Falls Tribune).

The pills were inside a prescription bottle that was not labeled, but another prescription bottle inside the golf bag were prescribed to a man who turned out to be an associate's of Leaf, Hickman said.

When contacted by the task force, the man said Leaf had entered his house Wednesday when he thought nobody would be inside, but he instead encountered a housekeeper. The housekeeper did not see Leaf take the prescription pills, but he was in the area of the kitchen where the man kept his pain-medication prescription, Hickman said.

If you're scoring at home, that's burglary -- entering the house when he thought nobody would be home -- and theft -- allegedly taking pills belonging to his friend. The charges also violate his probation, meaning Leaf is looking at serious trouble.

At this point, it should be clear Leaf relapsed. And when he relapsed, he allegedly sought pills in any way possible. The situation is almost a carbon copy of what happened in Texas -- Leaf knew someone who had pills, and allegedly obtained them by theft.

There's a strong possibility Leaf will end up in jail for a very long time as a result of all this. I just hope whatever punishment he's facing includes help and further treatment. It's incredibly hard to watch him fall down again, but there's still hope that he gets it and is able to get his addiction under control again -- even if that means facing a significant prison sentence because of his mistakes.

Side note: We'll be back with notes from the "scrimmage" and a look at how the Cougar Football Project is coming along.