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WSU Vs. California: Pac-12 Tournament Women's Basketball Game Thread

The women's basketball team has made a surprising run to the Pac-12 Tournament semi-finals and now that the game will be aired on FSN, we can give it a proper game thread.

California may not be quite as good as they've been in years past, but they are no slouch. They finished second in the Pac-12 during the regular season and have likely secured a spot in the NCAA tournament. It's possible they are already looking ahead to the NCAA tournament or even a possible matchup with Stanford in the finals of this tournament, but I wouldn't count on it.

Still, WSU has played Cal tough lately. They beat Cal in Berkeley last season and lost by just five points at Cal this season. If they can pull of the upset, they will be just one game, although a very difficult one, away from reaching the NCAA Tournament. If you asked me three days ago, I would have bet my right toe that I would not be typing that last sentence anytime soon. I guess it's a good thing you didn't ask me three days ago, I would never be able to pass a field sobriety test without my right toe.

While advancing to the tournament finals would be a great accomplishment for the women's basketball program, this game is much more than that. If you remember back to signing day, California got the best of WSU in a few very public, very long, hat picking ceremonies. Frankly, I think it's time to exact some revenge against those California Golden Bloggers and now is the time to do it. This one is for Cedric Dozier. Go Cougs.