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Charges Reportedly Dropped Against Sekope Kaufusi; Denzell Dotson Practices

Still probably not coming back to a football field near you.
Still probably not coming back to a football field near you.

Howie Stalwick is reporting for that marijuana possession charges against former linebacker Sekope Kaufusi have been dropped "without prejudice" due to a lack of evidence, according to his lawyer.

Stop me if you've heard this before, but there apparently were questions by both Kaufusi and the prosecutor about the legality of the search by Pullman Police. According to Kaufusi's lawyer:

"Without prejudice" means the case can be re-opened if new evidence becomes available, but Sandberg said that is highly unlikely in Kaufusi’s case.

The natural question, of course, is whether this has any bearing on Kaufusi's status with the team. Considering he was dismissed from the team by Mike Leach within 48 hours of the arrest -- here's to guessing Leach confronted him, asking for either a confession or a pee test -- I would assume the dropping of charges on a technicality will have absolutely no influence on Kaufusi's chances of rejoining the team.

And, as we've said all along, while it might be a non-zero chance he returns, it's probably not much more than zero. You might remember that Leach followed up his comments on KJR that seemed to leave the door open on a return by telling 710 ESPN "I never said" the door was open. I guess if you want to continue to hold out hope, you can hold onto the fact that he has yet to announce any intention to transfer.

In positive news, Denzell Dotson -- who was arrested and cited for DUI over the weekend -- practiced today, which means we can safely assume he will not be dismissed for his transgression.

Here's what Leach had to say about that, via Christian Caple:

"Anything that we do, have done, will do, that’s strictly within the team." I asked Leach about his general policy in regard to DUI. He said "you look at it and consider the facts and adjust to it as it comes." Leach added that "it depends on the circumstances of the situation, the whole deal."