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WSU Spring Practice: Andrei Lintz Is A Grizzly, Defense Rules The Day

It's Moms Weekend in Pullman and WSU took the field for its second length scrimmage -- not counting the first because it was more like a typical team session -- of the year. The offense started off strong as the second teams faced off, then hit a lull as the defense ruled the day. There were certainly some rough patches on the offensive side of the ball throughout, but overall the defense looked consistently solid, forcing turnovers, making big plays and delivering blows.

The best quote of the day came from Leach, once again, in tandem with Andrei Lintz. Leach wants Lintz to have violent hands, a common theme throughout the spring. He elaborated with the following:

"He needs to be better at slapping them around. He needs to be like those grizzly bears in Yellowstone Park that start tipping over dumpsters and throwing garbage out of them at the lodges.

"Next practice, we're going to stick a dumpster in front of him, full of goodies. But he's going to have to shred that thing, tip it over and dig into it to go get 'em so he gets used to swinging his hands around in violent fashion."

Asked about what they'd put in the dumpster, Leach wasn't so sure yet.

"I don't know, we're gonna have to see what he likes. We'll have some things that appeal to him and some things that don't so much so he has to sift through it and keep his arms moving"

Lintz, when asked about it, added:

"I don't know ... grizzly bear? If he gives me some food. I'd rather he cook the meat. I don't really like raw meat. I hope he cooks the meat before he gives it to me."

Without prompt, the dumpster idea also hit him, and he wasn't having it.

"Probably steaks, but I'm not fishing around in any dumpsters for it. I don't know if he wants me to do that, but I'm definitely not gonna do it."

Finally, when told that was the plan, he relented.

"I guess I will, I won't eat it or anything like that. I'll put some gloves on. Don't want to catch anything."

It really wouldn't be surprising to see a dumpster on the field next week, either.

  • Jeff Tuel saw most of the action, as expected, but David Gilbertson was solid again -- though he was working against a banged-up second-team unit. Gilbertson started the day by driving the offense down the field, leading a 50-yard touchdown drive. The drive included a 14-yard pass to Drew Loftus and 12-yard passes to Lintz and Blair Bomber. Teondray Caldwell punched it in from the one.
  • Tuel took the second drive and it went nowhere. On the first play from scrimmage, Damante Horton made a nice play to breakup a pass to Dominique Williams, then the defense stopped Loftus for a loss of one. Facing third and long, Chester Su'a stepped in front of a poor throw, picking it off.
  • Eric Oertel had another strong day, breaking up two-consecutive passes on the third drive of the day to force a three-and-out. Oertel was everywhere throughout the scrimmage and seems to have emerged as a vocal leader on the defensive side of the ball. He could be heard encouraging the defense from the sidelines when he wasn't on the field, and hollering when he was, as well.
  • There were a significant amount of players sitting out, especially on the defensive line, in the secondary and at wide receiver. Tyree Toomer, Toni Pole, David Davis, Kristoff Williams, Henry Eaddy and Lenard Williams were a few of the notables without pads. Edit: Darryl Monroe also practiced for a while, even picking a pass, before coming off to ice his Achilles. As a reminder, Leach does not discuss injuries.
  • Without enough bodies to form three full teams, the third team ran live skelly. Jared Karstetter ... err, Daniel McDonald hauled in passes of 40 and 56 yards on consecutive plays, the latter of which went for a touchdown.
  • During the situational portion, Carl Winston punched the ball in a couple times from a few yards out and always seemed to slip out of the pile, picking up an extra yard or two in the process.
  • On back-to-back plays, the defense forced fumbles, the first of which was scooped up by Cyrus Coen and returned for a debatable touchdown -- it was blown dead as Tuel had the angle, but Jeff Choate called it a score. On the next play, Tana Pritchard stepped in front of a pass inside the five and returned it for a legitimate pick-six.
  • Lintz was the safety valve all day, giving Tuel a target when he needed it -- either due to pressure or the initial receivers being unable to find space. He was solid, though Leach mentioned the turnover inside the red zone as a negative.
  • Bennett Bontemps scored from 10 yards out and was also a nice target over the middle. He and Bomber, who may be the toughest guy on the team, showed well and seemed to find holes in the defense at times.
  • Casey Locker almost took Anthony Carpenter's head off as both players dove for a ball over the middle. They knocked the pass down, but Carp seemed to get the worst of it.
  • Leach rallied both sides of the ball before calling for one more series inside the 10. The defense made the stop, finishing practice strong.

Edit: Stats

Teondray Caldwell 4-9, TD
Rickey Galvin 5-8
Marcus Mason 2-15
Carl Winston 8-20, 2 TD
Leon Brooks 2-14

Jeff Tuel 22-47-200, 4 TD, 2 INT
David Gilbertson 8-10-64

Drew Loftus 1-14
Gino Simone 3-12
Bobby Ratliff 4-19, TD
Andrei Lintz 7-57, TD
Blair Bomber 3-21
Bennett Bontemps 2-23, TD
Leon Brooks 2-7
Dominique Williams 2-32
Isiah Myers 2-28
Marquess Wilson 2-27, TD
Rickey Galvin 1-22
Carl Winston 1-2

Darryl Monroe
Tana Pritchard

Xavier Cooper
Ian Knight
Logan Mayes

Andrew Furney 38-good, 43-blocked, 51-no good
Michael Bowlin 47-good, 44-WL, 52-WL