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Ryan Leaf Arrested Again For Burglary, Drug Possession

Ryan Leaf is back in jail, and this time he won't be bonding out. Just two days after being arrested for burglary, Leaf allegedly committed the same offense, resulting in Monday's arrest. Leaf was picked up on a new set of charges -- the same set as the first time around -- stemming from the alleged burglary.

The report (see below for update).

Court documents filed in Cascade County District Court this morning allege that someone came home on Sunday afternoon and found a "tall, athletic male in nice clothing" insided their residence.

When the homeowners asked the man what he was doing, he allegedly told them that he thought he was at a different address and left. The people noticed that a drill and three bottles of prescription medication were missing from their residence shortly after the man left.

It's really not hard to figure out what happened here. Leaf, who apparently fell off the wagon in a big way before being picked up by the police on Friday, likely began going through withdrawals after bonding out of jail. One could assume he went back to the same place he was allegedly going before -- an "associate's" house, where he knows there are prescriptions -- and committed the same offense.

Edit: Nope. New home, and police found 89 hydrocodone pills on him, as well as a bottle of codeine in a suitcase.

Leaf needs help. Help and jail time -- and I won't advocate against the latter. But he needs some serious help for his addiction, before it's too late.

Because the path Leaf is on is heading straight towards death, sooner rather than later.