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If You're Not Watching SB Nation Video, You Should Be!

In case you hadn't noticed, SB Nation -- CougCenter's parent network -- has a habit of doing awesome things. I mean, they hired Grady and me to start this thing, and hired Brian to be an editor at the mothership, so the people that run all this obviously have quite the eye for talent!*

*I guess you also could go ahead and throw in hiring Rob Neyer and Amy K. Nelson away from, or hiring Around the Horn contributor Bomani Jones, or hiring Dan Rubenstein of The Solid Verbal, or acquiring EDSBS and hiring Spencer Hall ... yadda, yadda, yadda. Whatever works.

At any rate, you might or might not have been aware that SB Nation launched a YouTube channel on March 1. And you also might or might not have been aware that this is another one of those "awesome things" that SB Nation has a habit of doing.

There are brief descriptions after the jump about each of SB Nation's shows, but the thing that unifies them all is that they feature smart people doing and saying smart things with professional production value. If there's one thing I've learned working for this company, they don't really half-ass anything, and this is a stunningly good example of that.

If you haven't taken a few minutes to watch some of these videos, you can do so after the jump. And if you like what you see (how could you not?), subscribe to the YouTube channel.

One other exciting part of this? Beyond the pretty people doing the pro-quality stuff, SB Nation has also equipped a number of the team sites with cameras to do their own team reports. I'm supposed to be receiving CougCenter's camera this week, so you can be looking for our team reports shortly.

Check out some of the videos after the jump.

Here's the official company line:

Video has come to SB Nation.

We launched SB Nation's official Youtube channel on March 1st with some pretty large ambitions: let's try something new. Across the entire network, we approach the world of sports from a different angle. The passion, expertise, and first-rate analysis and discussion that takes place every day on our sites is something to be proud of and we didn't want to ruin that with a bunch of talking heads in suits and ties with no game-footage rights.

We've got humor, expert analysis, weirdness, video gifs, and incredible storytelling all in one place and we're really proud of what this thing has become. Right now, we're producing over 30 new original videos every single week. Be sure to subscribe to not miss anything. Here's a rundown of the offerings:

Shutdown Fullback (College Football meets Tim & Eric -- New episodes every Friday): If you've ever wondered what it would look like to see a video version of threads on, we ll here you go. Simultaneously a college football talk show and unintentional postmodern art project, I personally guarantee Spencer Hall and Jason Kirk will make you laugh (or else they've duff'd it). Essential Viewing: Bobby Petrino Fired episode with hot blonde assistant:

Bomani & Jones (All sports; opinion and commentary -- New episodes Monday and Thursday): Around the Horn contributor and known Twitter user Bomani Jones is Bomani & Jones: sketches and commentary with no excuses. Think Chapelle's Show for the internet and the sports world. Essential Viewing: Oklahoma Thunder are the Rolling Stones

Full Nelson (All sports; Outside the Lines with a sense of humor -- New episodes every Wednesday): Athletes, Access, and Culture. Full Nelson takes an inside look at the most interesting stories from the world of sports in a beautiful, different, and always interesting package. Host Amy K. Nelson joined SB Nation after years of reporting for ESPN and regularly appearances on OTL and First Take andFull Nelson offers something new every week. Bonus points to Full Nelson for having the most-viewed video of our whole channel with Amy's perilous tour of a Duke bar during the Duke/UNC matchup.

Then, of course, there's my personal favorite.

Bobby Petrino's 8-bit Motorcycle Adventure (via sbnation)