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Idaho, WSU Will Meet In Pullman In 2013, Rob Spear Says

There's been nothing at all official about this, and I'm assuming there may be a few details to work out, but Idaho athletic director Rob Spear spilled the beans, saying WSU and Idaho will meet in Pullman in 2013. There's nothing about renewing the series long-term, and he's a bit vague on it all, but Spear was pretty adamant that the Cougars and Vandals would play at Martin Stadium in 2013 -- perhaps an opening to renewing the rivalry on a full-time basis in the future.

Here's the key quote, from an interview that mostly focuses on the Vandals improving the Kibbie Dome.

PH: What would it take for this University to want to revive the rivalry with Washington State? The fans and alumni of this school would be excited about an opportunity to host Wazzu. Why is it not a priority to make this game a community event played one year in Pullman, and one year in Moscow? Or if scheduling is an issue, play every 2 or 3 years at each campus. The point is bringing the game to Moscow.

RS: "We are playing them in 2013 at their place, but that’s a good question… Our current scheduling philosophy is to play BCS games on the road because of how dollars are generated. We have talked about that before -- playing home and home against BCS schools does not help us meet our financial obligations. But we do need to open up conversations with WSU and see if this is something we can get done in the future. There was a period of time when Idaho was a D1-AA school that probably prohibited WSU from considering playing over here. Now that we have them on the schedule again it is time to have those conversations."

He went on to say discussions have been ongoing, and the trouble has been finding a date that works -- realignment has thrown a wrench in everything, as one could imagine. But, at least for 2013, it looks like the game is a go, though it's worth mentioning again that nothing has been officially announced.

Also of note: Bill Moos said he'd have a "major football announcement" sometime soon on Cougar Calls this morning. Whether it has something to do with Idaho or if it's about a BCS home-and-home series -- or anything else! -- is still unknown.