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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Mike Leach Back On The Radio

The last time we heard Mike Leach on the radio, he gave a detailed breakdown of the Pac-12 mascots. Leach returned to the radio airwaves Wednesday and while he didn't ask if the host would like to fight a buffalo, he did have a few interesting things to say.

Leach's interview with John Canzano of 750 AM can be found here. A few of the topics are things we've heard Leach discuss previously, including his supposed love of pirates, but there was also a wide variety of new topics. Leach discussed hobbies, books he's reading, movies and going to law school.

In the second half of the interview, the topic shifts to recruiting including his thoughts on recruiting services. Leach said they can be good tools for gathering information, but when it comes to decision making or influences on the recruit, you don't want "a bunch of cooks in the kitchen."

Leach also talked recruiting geography and offered some interesting insight in how the staff plans to recruit the state of Texas.

Its got to be an individual that wants to leave the state and is specifically interested in what we have to offer as opposed to ... you're battling, say five schools from Texas and then there's Washington State. If he's real interested in five schools in Texas, he's probably going to go to one of those schools. You've got to avoid having diminished returns just going across the country for guys who are going to stay close to home.


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FROM PULLMAN — Welcome to today's live chat. We'll get things rolling at about noon and go for about an hour. Please bear with me if there are any wrinkles to smooth out at first. Never done one of these before.

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Starters in, starters out. That's college football. Players' eligibility expires, and they leave for the rest of their lives, whether that includes the NFL or not.


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We’re pretty sure every student that started their morning trek to classes in Pullman Wednesday morning cursed to the heavens above. Predicted winter weather showered upon the Palouse area with an expectation of two to six inches and blustery winds. The National Weather Service is reporting about one inch of snow accumulation in the Pullman area as of this morning.

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Women's Rugby

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PULLMAN, Wash. - Washington State University's women rugby team will be leaving at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, April 5, for Humbolt State University to make another bid for the Pacific region championship title. If all goes well, the team is hoping for a shot at the U.S. rugby national title.