Thursday Practice Notes

If I remember correctly, Brian said that he wasn't going to be at Thursday practices, but since I was there I figured I'd put a short post together. Keep in mind, I wasn't there the entire time; it was probably a little more than an hour. I'm also not as seasoned of a writer as Brian. So here goes:

  • the main drill I caught was a bunch of skelly, with the (mostly) first and second team offense going against (mostly) the first and second team defense. The main exception I noticed was the Marquess Wilson was on the other side of the field doing something else. Nothing to worry about though, since it didn't appear to be an injury thing.
  • Tracy Clark made the play of the day in my mind, with a diving interception of Connor Halliday on a short pass to the sideline intended for Dominique Williams.
  • Williams recovered later with a nice long catch for a TD on a post route from Jeff Tuel from about 30-35 yards.
  • Kristoff Williams had a nice catch on a fade over Damante Horton for a gain of about 20. Williams also had a TD later but I don't remember the route because I didn't write it down. I want to say it was a shallow cross, but don't quote me on it.
  • Andrei Lintz has really stood out to me as well, probably because of all of the talk about him. Made a short catch close to the goal line and then was able to push a few guys into the endzone. Like Leach said, he's a really big target that seems to have pretty good hands. He had another juggling catch earlier in the drill. It was one of those catches where he made it harder than it needed to be, but made the catch nevertheless.
  • Fianlly, Gino Simone made a nice catch on a ball from Halliday on a post route for a TD.
  • I haven't been to every moment of every practice, but today's practice seemed a little more chippy than others. Daniel Simmons and Blair Bomber got into it a bit during one of the skelly drills. The play ended and they kept blocking each other, eventually going to the ground where a large crowd gathered. Nothing too serious though as they were eventually separated. I like the coach's response too: "C'mon you guys are wasting reps," obviously more worried about the lost time than the scuffle itself. In a less serious encounter, Monroe pushed Bontemps to the ground, which he did not appreciate. Gave Monroe a shove as he was running back to the line, which a about 4 other defensive guys took offense to. Nothing materialized though and everyone went on their way. In short, there was a lot of times that the coaches had to remind the guys not to take them to the ground.
  • Once again today, a lot of work was done of Special Teams. First they did some simulated punts and returns. Bowlin is punting farther than everyone, and it really isn't even close.
  • On the subject of Bowlin, he was once again always doing something. When it wasn't special teams time, he was booting field goals from extra point distance and then shagging his own kicks.
  • Chester Su'a appeared to be a little shaken up after one of the plays in the punting drill. I didn't catch how it happened, but I saw him a little gimpy on the sidelines with what looked like a trainer next to him looking at his ankle. It obviously wasn't too serious though, since he returned after just a few plays off.
  • Marquess Wilson has been working with the punt returners, which scares me. Other guys (that I remember) were Bomber, Dockery, and Brooks.
  • And finally, on the subject of special teams: some of the backup kickers just stand there and hold up blocking dummies to simulate a line when they aren't kicking.
  • EDIT: Something I forgot to add. Nolan Washington did a ton of work in the sand pit. And I mean a ton. He was doing sprints up and down it (in bare feet I might add), and then I started looking elsewhere on the practice field. I glanced back at least 10 minutes later and he was still in there. I don't think it was meant as a punishment either, since he's been working out with the strength coach a lot.
  • Speaking of the strength coach, I noticed something interesting on the exercise bikes. They are the type of bikes that not only have the pedals but also have the handles for your arms that move back and forth with the pedals. Anyways, I've noticed a lot of guys that actually don't have their feet on the pedals and instead are spinning the bike using only these handles. I assume they are instructed to do this and it makes sense, but I've honestly never seen that before.

So that's all I've got. Scrimmage on Saturday, if I remember correctly. All in all, I'd say the offense is already looking pretty exciting, and it's only practice at this point. Gonna be a fun year.

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