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Mike Leach Compares Connor Halliday's Injury Status To Harry Potter

I wasn't at practice today -- work got in the way -- and now I'm pretty upset I missed the show. The practice itself appears to have been uneventful, but Mike Leach found another creative way to answer an injury question. You see, he's been deflecting questions about Connor Halliday's health for quite some time, turning things up a notch each time he's asked again.

First, it was a standard quote about everyone being healthy. Then he said Halliday had a family thing to attend to that shouldn't take long, but "we miss him." Now, we've moved on to Harry Potter references.

"Any stuff on that is so closely guarded. I don't know if you saw Harry Potter, but in the basement of this building, it's guarded by serpents and wild dogs and things like that, and you can go try to find the secret to that, but chances of survival -- always a risk. Heck, it took until movie five before he got it done himself, and he had magic powers."

Via Christian Caple

And the video (starts at about 2:30)

It's just becoming a game to see what Leach can come up with next. And to be honest, I'm curious to see where this goes and what he'll pull out of his hat next.