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Paul Wulff Hired As San Francisco 49ers Offensive Assistant

Paul Wulff has found a job after taking a few months off in Pullman. He flirted with at least one other NFL team after being fired as head coach of the Cougars, I was told, but has decided to join the San Francisco 49ers as an offensive assistant, Wulff told His duties began on Monday and it sounds like his family will be taking up residency in the Bay Area soon.

The report:

PAUL WULFF is in the NFL. The former Washington State head coach told today that he started his new job this past Monday, joining forces with old foe Jim Harbaugh in San Francisco. Wulff is an offensive assistant with the 49ers, with multiple duties on that side of the ball.

Paul Wulff declined to talk in depth or about contract details but he did say his family will be moving down to the Bay Area and joining him in the summer.

This is great for Wulff and I'm glad he landed on his feet somewhere. Working under Harbaugh should be a good experience for him overall, and allows him to, perhaps, recharge. After grinding through the past few years attempting to rebuild at Washington State, a move to the NFL seemed logical, anyway.

Congratulations to Coach Wulff and best of luck with the 49ers (unless they're playing the Seahawks, in which case that whole coaching staff and team can get bent!).

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