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Mike Leach Is Going Bear Hunting

That headline is not a joke. It's not a play on words, either. Mike Leach is, apparently, going hunting for bears in Canada this week. It is the offseason after all.

There is, however, a lot of irony here. You see, Mike Pawlawski is a former Cal Bear. Or maybe he's just a Cal Bear -- once a bear, always a bear. Also notice how Leach phrased that tweet.

He's going bear hunting. Pawlawski is a "bear" in the sense of his college affiliation. What Pawlawski doesn't know is that Leach is hunting him. He'll release Pawlawski into the wilderness, give him a head-start and go hunting.

But seriously, Leach is watching Grizzly Man -- remember, the "star" gets eaten by a bear -- to prepare for a bear hunting excursion. This is the Cougars' football coach.

And this is awesome.