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WSU-BYU Could Be Moved To Thursday Night On ESPN

The first day of college football is always a wonderful day. At that point, it doesn't matter what kind of football is laid before the starved fan. As long as it's football -- and this term can be used loosely -- it will be devoured by the hungry masses. It's like the floodgates open and a long offseason of waiting results in a euphoria that's near-nirvana for the college football fan.

But usually this has nothing to do with the Washington State Cougars. For instance, last year we were treated to quite a bit of "meh," but it was football. And football is awesome. Remember this? It was one of the highlights of the night.

Now what if I told you the Cougars could be a part of the opening day extravaganza? Remember, we're talking about the Thursday of opening weekend, not the full slate of games on Saturday. Thursday is special. It is the fix following the summer of agony.

So, dare to dream for a moment. Bill Moos hinted at the Cougars being a part of ESPN's opening night lineup during Cougar Calls (we'll post the podcast when it's up). It could be the nightcap. And people certainly would stay up to watch Mike Leach unleash the Air Raid after two years away from the sport.

There's nothing final, but last time Moos hinted at something that could happen, we found out football and basketball games would be broadcast on 710 ESPN, and a new team would be put into place.

Mike Leach's first game back on the sidelines, against his alma mater, and on ESPN during the opening-night slate? You couldn't write it better.

This newfound publicity and exposure is kind of nice, isn't it?

H/T Cougfan