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Washington State Women's Basketball Team Makes 'Call Me Maybe' Video

Look, I know I'm a month late. The Internet is a big place and we can't catch everything. And I know by now that if you've watch one "Call Me Maybe" home video, you've probably watched them all.

But dangit, I'm going to post this one, which was was made by the women's basketball team. Why, you ask? Because I stumbled upon it last night, and every time I hear this song it gets stuck in my head for like three days.

You're enduring this with me. Just click play.

A few things to note: Abe Lodwick is Justin Bieber.* You'll find his guest spot right around the middle of the video. He looks somewhat out of place and awkward, and it's awesome.

*You'll only understand this if you've fallen into the Call Me Maybe trap. I work on the Internet. Don't judge me.

Also, there's at least one reader dancing around in the video. You won't know who they are, in all likelihood, but I do. And they may never live it down.

Finally: Dancing moms. It reminds me of Mom's Weekend in Pullman, except with less cage dancing and more innocent prancing around the living room. Mom's Weekend is awesome, and don't you forget it.

Of course, this isn't necessarily a new thing for the women's team. After all, they did make a Welcome To Pullman video, as well.

The WSU women's team is pretty great, and has plenty of personality, so y'all should probably pay attention to them and throw your support behind them next year.