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Mike Leach's Bear Hunt Was A Rousing Success

Edit: CougCenter obtained some exclusive video footage of Leach's bear hunt, which can be seen here.

Remember when we said Mike Leach was heading out to hunt bears this week? It was all fun and games and most got a nice chuckle. You probably figured Leach was just going to hang out in the woods with Mike Pawlawski for a couple days. If you wondered whether or not he'd actually find and take down a bear, though, you've probably underestimated Leach.

So this happened:

That's right: Leach wandered off into the woods in Canada with a gun, found a bear (with the help of a guide) and shot it. While most coaches are twiddling around, going to conferences and, perhaps, working on their tan, Mike Leach is taking down bears. Really big f'n bears.

No word on whether or not he killed or neutralized the bear to bring it back for Andrei Lintz to play with.

This has been your daily reminder that Mike Leach is the most interesting coach in all of college football. And our coach is better than yours.