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CougCenter Exclusive: Video Of Mike Leach Bear Hunting

As you probably know, Mike Leach went bear hunting in Canada earlier this week and shot a 350 pound bear. What you probably didn't know is CougCenter has a source in Saskatchewan who videotaped Leach's exploits.

It took a few days for our source to make his way out of the woods, but the video arrived at CougCenter headquarters earlier today. It's a bit grainy and there is no audio, but you can still see Leach's encounter with one very large bear. As you can tell, this isn't any regular bear, coach had his hands full with this one.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little nervous there for a minute. At one point it looked as if the bear had the upper hand and might force Bill Moos to start searching for a new head coach. But, like he always seems to do in games, Leach adjusted and outsmarted his opponent.

H/T to Dikaia Upotheke for the video.