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Mike Leach Talks Bear Hunting, Dancing, Marriage Advice

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This was incredible radio. Ridiculous, but incredible. Mike Leach started off his interview with Jim Moore and Steve Sandmeyer innocently enough, giving candid, honest answers about his bear hunt, why he did it and what he had to say to those who didn't approve of it. And then off the rails it went -- in a good way.

First, a little nugget that's been forgotten: Leach had a short conversation with Dancing With The Stars. It was actually mentioned in his book (buy it and read it if you haven't!), but Leach brought it back up on 710 ESPN.

Actually, There was a little dialogue at one time about doing that. I knew that that wasn't the right set. I wasn't the right guy -- nobody on either side needed to see that. I'm a horrible dancer.

This would've been the best worst thing in the world.

More audio at

Oh, but it got better, especially when Leach got to the marriage advice. The lesson, I think, was that Mike Leach is @DadBoner.

Asked about the backlash from his bear hunt, Leach was honest. He said the hunt was to control the population: Bears

If I got to know the con people, I'm sure I could find plenty of things that they do that I disagree with. So I really don't care ... I value my opinion a little more than I do their's .. But by the same viewpoint, it'd be pretty boring if everyone had the same opinion.

It's a massive oversimplification to reduce it to cute and cuddly and let that be the end of it.

When asked if it was more professional or Elmer Fudd:

Believe me, there was a little bit of Elmer Fudd going on. You get a bunch of people that left businesses ... you know, this one fella shot a bear with a bow-and-arrow like I used in Boy Scouts.

When Jim Moore asked about anniversaries, Leach had a bit of advice:

Well, I'll tell ya this right now. I think right now you need to make it clear that you haven't forgotten. Then the other thing, I think you should drop some hints that basically a smokin' hot experience is expected and required out of her based on the 11 years of commitment that you've enjoyed together. Yea, you're going to take her to dinner and do something cool, but she's gotta hold up her end a little bit. Make sure she understands that two can play at this game and she's not gonna come out of this thing unscathed.

I think based on that last answer, nearly all of your female listeners would agree. They're saying, you know what, he seems like a swell guy. I wish my husband was exactly like him. And I am gonna hold up my end of the bargain.

Certainly have your wife call me if you need me to put in a few good words for you.

Jessamyn McIntyre was a good sport about things, especially when Leach was asked for advice for sideline reporters. The overwhelming theme: "Don't wear high heels." He talked about teasing sideline reporters, making them run around a little bit if they weren't in the right spot to grab an interview. So flats are an absolute must.

Just a typical Friday in the life of Mike Leach.