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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Off Topic Morning Post

Here is your daily link to vote in the GameDay commercial contest.

As news begins to become more and more scarce, one of the things I'm going to do with this post is pose a random subject for everyone to discuss. They will be similar to an off topic FanPost, but with a shorter life cycle. Today's discussion comes from an email conversation Kyle and I had recently.

The question is, if you could have dinner with any three living people who would you choose and why? The one stipulation to the question is it has to be an actual person so fictional TV or movie characters are not eligible.

After producing an initial list of roughly 20 people, Kyle went with The Rock, Stan Lee and Pete Carroll.

"Dwayne Johnson is one of my favorite pro wrestlers ever, but he's also an awesome action star. He's just ridiculously awesome. Also, he's a really good dude."

"Stan Lee is a god, basically. I feel like he'd have a million awesome stories."

"Uncle Pete would just make the conversation awesome and fun. Plus, I'm sure he'd look the other way if the waiter gave me extra breadsticks."

For my three, I went with Anthony Bourdain, Larry David and Mike Leach. Here was my final reasoning.

"My first choice, I'm taking Anthony Bourdain. I'm a big fan of No Reservations and Bourdain's blog. I have no doubt he'd bring a ton of interesting stories and as a bonus he could pick the restaurant."

"Second pick would be Larry David. Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm are two of my favorite shows, so picking David is a no-brainer. Watching he and Bourdain interact would be worth it alone."

"I debated my third choice, especially with my previous two. It would have to be someone who is interested in a lot of things and a bit of an oddball. That's why I went with Mike Leach. Can you imagine him questioning Bourdain about the places he's been or the things he's eaten? I don't think I'd say a single word the entire dinner, just sit back and enjoy. I remember Leach mentioning he was a Seinfeld fan before so that fits and Larry David is on record that he could be a NFL offensive coordinator. "

When Kyle and I discussed this, we kept throwing out names the other person hadn't thought of so I'm very interested to see where everyone else goes on this.


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