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WSU Football Recruiting: A Look Ahead At The Next Potential QB

We should all know by now that Mike Leach doesn't care about things like arm strength, size, or mobility when scouting a quarterback. Above all else, Mike Leach values accuracy. If you are to be Leach's QB in the vaunted Air Raid, you must be able to precisely fit the ball into very small windows at exactly the right time.

One potential recruit who excels in the accuracy department is 3 star QB Baker Mayfield of Austin, Texas. I was recently contacted by Burnt Orange Nation (Texas Longhorns) and SB Nation's Texas Recruiting Analyst, Wescott Eberts, and he had the following to say:

"I think that Washington State lands him if the distance factor can be overcome. Mayfield truly did light up when I asked him about Leach and the offer."

Eberts wrote an in-depth article over at the mothership which I highly encourage you to read. Here are some snippets from his evaluation of Mayfield, who WSU has already offered officially:

"When asked about the Washington State offer, Mr. Mayfield said that Mike Leach and his staff have done a tremendous job of recruiting his son, especially area recruiter Eric Morris, the slot receiver known as the Elf during his time in Lubbock under Leach. For his part, the younger Mayfield lit up when asked about the Cougar offer. However, the issue for the Mayfields is the distance from home, though a tentatively planned visit to the Palouse could help the Washington State cause."

Thus far, Mayfield has offers from WSU, New Mexico, and Rice, with other schools in the mix. I fully expect his offers to increase during his senior season, and Leach getting on this kid early is a great thing. After watching tape on him myself, I think he's perfect for Leach's offense. He's smallish (6'1, 205) but he already plays in a spread so he understands how to get the ball out quickly and accurately. He's not extremely mobile, but he's not a statue, either. He doesn't have a cannon for an arm, but this offense doesn't call for someone with Elway like arm strength. It's more Rich Gannon or Drew Brees-esq accuracy on short-to-medium passes.

Mayfield is one of a few QB prospects I'll be keeping an eye on in the coming months, and you should remember his name.

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