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'You Will Be Hearing From Me For Decades To Come': Steve Gleason Speaks ... Through A Computer

You probably have a type of sound conjured up in your head when you hear "computer-aided speech," or a term like it. Think Siri, or a standard computer voiceover. It's generic and not really all that personal.

I bring this up because Steve Gleason is, as you know, losing his voice due to the effects of ALS. It was one of the heartbreaking elements of the Super Bowl feature Peter King did with Gleason: His wife begging for the disease to spare his voice in an emotional moment.

Which is why I find this interesting and cool. This is Steve Gleason's synthetic voice. And, to be honest, it sounds a whole lot like him.

Essentially, it sounds like Gleason is working with a company to create a database of words and sounds. He can then use a computer to communicate in a voice that sounds like him when ALS does take his ability to speak.

"I hope you like it, because you will be hearing from me for decades to come."

Keep up the fight, Steve. No White Flags.

You can learn more about Gleason's fight against ALS at his website, Team Gleason.