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Jim Walden Out Of The Booth; Bill Moos Looking For Fresh Approach

Jim Walden is out as the color commentator for Washington State football games, ending his run alongside Bob Robertson. Citing a need for a fresh approach and a change, Bill Moos told Christian Caple the move comes along with the athletic department moving forward with a variety of alterations.

A few of the quotes:

Walden has become a fairly polarizing figure, thanks to his willingness to take strong, sometimes unpopular stances. However, Moos said that was fine, and he felt that a change was simply needed while praising Walden.

Speaking solely for myself, Walden's opinions had nothing to do with why the radio broadcasts became so hard to listen to. Instead, it was almost impossible to follow along with the game on the radio. There was no picture being painted, and the broadcast team simply seemed to grow stale. At times, it got frustrating enough where turning to the opposing team's broadcast became the only option. Of course, this may not matter as much with the Pac-12 television contract, but the radio is, and will likely always be, a big part of the school's coverage.

No word on who may take over or how the booth will be structured this coming year, but we'll find out sooner rather than later.