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Congratulations Washington State University Class Of 2012

Detouring from athletics for a moment, it was commencement day in Pullman. I had the pleasure of attending the last graduation ceremony of the day, and seeing my better half receive a degree in Civil Engineering, alongside many other talented students. Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment that certainly deserves recognition, even if it's outside of our scope a bit.

Among the other fun things from today: Charlie Enquist picked up his degree in Mechanical Engineering -- a feat that's impressive when factoring in the workload of a college athlete. I was also able to see Jared Karstetter walk, capping an excellent career both on the field and off. And that Neil Stover guy we always talk about did, in fact, graduate, and did so Summa Cum Laude while also being a member of the Honors College. Someone should probably hire that guy.

If you walked today or picked up a degree this semester, congratulations from all of us.