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Mike Leach Joining Reddit For An AMA On Monday

This is short notice, but if you're around in the next few hours and have a Reddit account, Mike Leach might answer all your burning questions. Early this morning, Leach tweeted he'd be joining Reddit for and AMA, though he did add a bit of humor to the announcement. It'll begin at noon PT and the section where it's taking place is already open.

The link is right here and an explanation is contained within. if you haven't seen or participated in an AMA, it's a pretty simple format. Users dump questions in the comments and the original poster runs through and answers as many as they can. Leach stipulated that he can't talk about recruits or do anything that would break NCAA rules, but other than that was willing to answer whatever.

And because he's a good marketing man, there's a link to vote for the Gameday commercial with a note of encouragement to vote for WSU. Always be selling, you guys.