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Mike Leach Reddit AMA Recap: BBQ, Craig James, And Pro Wrestling

Mike Leach took part in an AMA session on Reddit this afternoon, and his answers were very Mike Leach-y. For those unaware of what exactly Reddit is, it's basically a collection of things from around the internet that users can comment on. AMA stands for "Ask Me Anything", and is basically an interview. Users can post whatever questions they feel, and Leach can pick and choose which to answer. Here's a link to the full AMA if you wish to peruse, but after the jump, I highlighted some of the best quotes, including Leach acknowledging Pro Wrestling.

It's like my dreams are coming true!

"I would have a playoff system of at least 16 teams or more that incorporates the bowl games."

Yes, yes, yes.

Which Big 12 team was your favorite to play? Least favorite? On a possibly related note, is Bill Snyder really a sorcerer?

I liked playing all of them. Really enjoyed going to Kyle Field to play Texas A&M, really enjoyed playing Nebraska. Playing someone difficult is tough and can be discouraging, but if you beat them the payoff is huge!

I suspect Bill Snyder may be a sorcerer...he's one of the coaches that I admire most!"

Bill Snyder is old.

How much do you hate Craig James, I mean seriously?

"I think my opinion is consistent with most of the rest of America's. This is illustrated by a poll done in the Dallas Morning News where people were asked who they would vote for senator: Mike Leach or Craig James. I got 96.5 percent of the vote.


I'm a Freshman at Washington State and I'm new to Pullman. I've got a first date with a girl and I was wondering if you might have some recommendations?

"First take her to CDs Pit House BBQ in Moscow, ID. If she will get her hands dirty with some great BBQ, you will know you are on the right track! Then I would go enjoy the incredible college life on College Hill at WSU but make sure you have the opportunity to talk to her a lot."

Mike Leach: Professional Match-Maker.

When did you first begin viewing yourself as a pirate?

"I never viewed myself as a pirate but when you consider all of the tags that can get placed on you in coaching, I have always felt fortunate because you can do a lot worse than a pirate! This nickname started with an article in NY Times magazine written by Michael Lewis. He told about a speech I gave the team about pirates where I used an actual pirate sword as a prop and the pirate theme took off from there!"

So can we please let the pirate thing die now?

If Washington State shut down their football program tomorrow and you were allowed to choose any other sport to coach, which would it be?

"I would see if I could assist Donnie Marbut with the baseball team!"

Somewhere Brett Gleason giggles in a fit of glee.

CougCenter member dc_coug asked this next one:

Coach Leach, I am a Coug, class of '07 and new season ticket holder for the upcoming season!! Very excited to see the Cougs play in your Air Raid system! My question for you -- as you may know, though he went 9-40, Cougar Nation has always embraced Paul Wulff. He is one of us, and had to make tough choices in a tough situation. He's a Cougar through and through. I hear he's still around in Pullman... have you ran into him? If you guys were to sit down for a coffee, what would guys talk about and what would you say to him?

"I admire Paul Wulff and always have. He and all of the former coaches at WSU are part of a legacy that I am proud to be a part of. I would wish him the very best and try to see what I could learn from him."

something something something poop joke.

Who is your favorite professional wrestler? What would your opening line be if you were a Real Housewife of Pullman?

"It's funny you ask. My dad always watched wrestling and I seldom did. The one that comes to mind is the Vashon Brothers when I was a child. The imagine most prominent in my mind is the Undertaker.

I don't know what my opening line would be but it would be fashioned after Tamra on the Real Housewives of Orange County. My oldest daughter, Janeen, always tells my wife Sharon that my wife reminds her of Tamra. They look similar!"

Well, I got really excited for a second, but then he basically said he doesn't watch wrestling, and spelled Vachon incorrectly. Sigh. Can't have everything, I guess.

There are a lot more comments, but these are the ones that stood out to me. Obviously I can't list everything, so go check it out. It was worth the read. A simpler method of reading is to go here and then click on the "context" link when you want to know what his comment was in response to.

You guys. Our coach is Mike Leach.