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Bill Moos Announces Deal With 710 ESPN, Confirms Bud Nameck, Shawn McWashington In Booth

Earlier today, Washington State AD Bill Moos went on the Kevin Calabro Show on 710 ESPN Seattle to announce a few things. First, Moos confirmed that former sideline reporter Bud Nameck will join Bob Robertson in the booth and serve as a replacement-in-waiting. Robertson will still be the lead play-by-play announcer, but I'd assume he's going to get the Dave Niehaus treatment and slowly transition to Nameck through the course of the season/next season. Moos indicated that the job is Robertson's as long as he wants it, but with Robertson being 83, that probably won't be too much longer.

Also joining BobRob in the booth is former Coug WR Shawn McWashington. McWashington came as a bit of a surprise as a color commentator, but the book on him seems to be that he's extremely candid and understands this type of offense. No word yet on if he'll announce "holding!" after each and every play.

Second, and possibly more important, Moos announced that football and men's basketball games would now be heard on 710 ESPN Seattle. While a Mariners or Seahawks game will take precedent, they still have 770am at their disposal.

Moos also briefly spoke about the Pac 12 Network and said he left meetings "feeling real good". While the regional network will increase exposure for WSU, Moos pointed out that partnering with KIRO/710 ESPN accomplished that as well.

Lastly, current on-air producer for the Kevin Calabro Show, Jessamyn McIntyre, will replace Nameck on the sidelines. Once the show is archived, I'll be back with a link so you can listen to his entire ~15 minute interview. For now, though, this is great news. I think we can all agree that attempting to find games on radio in the past has been extremely difficult, and this agreement changes that for the better.

Edit: Full audio after the jump. Moos comes in at the 23:15 mark.

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