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Mike Leach's Marriage Tips: How To Approach A Mustache Problem

The Mike Leach media tour rolled on this morning as the Washington State Cougars' head coach joined Brock and Salk on 710 ESPN. The appearance coincides with the Cougars' shift to 710, along with the football radio broadcast shakeup from earlier in the week. Since it's the offseason, Leach isn't incredibly busy -- at least until recruiting kicks up again -- so there's plenty of time to do some promoting.

Here's the podcast of the show. Leach joins in at the six-minute mark.

More audio at

The relevant part of this is Leach's comments on mustaches. If your wife has a mustache, Leach has advice, because of course he does.

Leach: "Shoot, I think you tell her that the mustache looks very distinguished. And then as she makes .. she may go ahead and handle it herself.

Salk: "So flattery is what you're saying?"

Leach: "You know, yeah. Point out that nevertheless it's a mustache."

This has been Mustache Wednesday, brought to you by Mike Leach.

And, of course, there's much more. Be sure to listen to it all!