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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Tuesday Morning Links

Lately, these posts have been fairly light on news, but today is an exception. For whatever reason, writers from around the country decided to write about WSU yesterday.

We have a season preview from Lost Letterman and a first-year coach ranking from the Sporting News. The ESPN Pac-12 blog takes a look at media day and schedule misses. As if that weren't enough, National Football Post scouted Marquess Wilson.

If you still want more, there are a couple of additional links below the jump and this news for tomorrow.

You now have 24 hours to plan your Wednesday morning coffee break accordingly.


First-year coaches ranking: Ohio State's Meyer will see most success in year 1 - NCAA Football - Sporting News
Why 2012 should be better: The Cougs really weren’t that bad last season, and now they’ve been infused with the sort of us-against-the-world fire that Leach breathes.

Washington State Cougars 2012 College Football Preview
After a two-year hiatus from the college football coaching scene, Mike Leach returns to Washington St. in 2012 looking to change a culture that has grown accustomed to losing and lots of it; the Cougars have won a combined nine games over the past four seasons.

Pac-12 media day lineup - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN
Pac-12 media day is July 24 at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Kevin and I will be there, diligently polishing the bland overflow of verbiage into shiny nuggets of fun and useful information.

Washington State WR Marquess Wilson is only scratching the surface | National Football Post

WR Marquess Wilson: Washington (6-4, 185)

WSU athletic event Friday at Harman Center : Sports Yakima
The Washington State University athletic department will host A Night With Cougar Athletics on Friday night at the Harman Center. The highs and lows of Cougar ticket sales
WITH THREE MONTHS until the remodeled Martin Stadium opens its gates for the launch of the Mike Leach Era, sales of football season tickets at Washington State already have far exceeded last season's total. Sales are approaching 12,700 seats, up from the 10,034 season tickets WSU sold last season, WSU tickets manager Paul Finn tells

A look at Pac-12 misses - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN
Washington State (Arizona, USC): Not unlike Oregon State. Missing the Trojans in 2012 does feel like a gift, particularly for a North team.