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WSU Football Recruiting: Tyler Bruggman, QB From Arizona, Becomes Third Commit Of 2013

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Washington State head football coach Mike Leach has landed his signal caller, and it couldn't have worked out any better. Last night I was talking to Mark about potential stories to write in an attempt to increase traffic since the past week has basically been strictly his morning link posts. "I think I'll do my eval on Bruggman and the odds he chooses WSU."

According to Richard Obert of the Arizona Central, Bruggman made his decision, and it looks like he'll be suiting up for the good guys.

Obert has covered the Bruggman story from Day 1 and has a ton of great tweets regarding his situation. A few of the best ones will be posted after the jump.

Tyler Bruggman is a four star QB out of Brophy College Prep in Phoenix. Scout has him rated as the 26th best QB in the nation, while Rivals and ESPN have him at 13 and 18 respectively. No matter how you slice it, WSU just landed one of the premiere QBs in the nation, and it's an exciting time to be a Coug.

Bruggman isn't huge (6'2, 200) but like I said when I talked about Baker Mayfield, size isn't everything when it comes to a Mike Leach QB. I think this closes the door on Mayfield, but I had Bruggman rated as the better QB, so it's not necessarily a bad thing.

Man, Bruggman looks totally awesome in that video. He's just tearing up the opposing defense.

Ok so for reals. Bruggman's best quality is ... wait for it ... his accuracy. Shocking, right? It's almost like Leach has a preference to a certain type of QB or something. Huh.

Bruggman isn't afraid to take a hit, and doesn't get happy feet like a lot of high school QBs. His arm is average to above-average, but he's no Connor Halliday back there. He reads defenses very well for a kid his age, and understands where to put the ball in order for his receiver to achieve the best possible outcome. His delivery is a little wonky at times, as he seems to flick the ball with his wrist instead of using his arm, but it only happened on a few occasions, so I'm not extremely worried about it.

One thing Brian mentioned on twitter last night was something I thought was very important, and I'm glad he brought it up.

This is something we should all keep in mind. That's not to say Bruggman is 100% using us to get a better offer, or that he's definitely going to change his mind. Basically, be cautiously optimistic. It's June. Signing Day is roughly eight months away. A lot can happen from now until then, so don't think simply because he verbally committed now that he's ours. Be excited, but understand how recruiting works.

Here are some more tweets Bruggman related:

So there it is, folks. Be excited for now. Bruggman is a big time QB and potentially is the first domino in many big time recruits pledging their allegiance to the crimson and grey.


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