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WSU Football Recruiting: DeMarcus Ayers, WR From Texas, Becomes 4th Commit Of 2013

A few days ago, Mark and I were talking about what to write in order to help traffic since news has been pretty slow as of late. I had all these great ideas and then BAM, Bruggman commits, Simon transfers, Ayers commits, and the kickoff for the Apple Cup is announced. Sheesh.

According to CF.C, Texas WR DeMarcus Ayers is now a Washington State Cougar. Ayers, who plays for Lancaster HS in Lancaster, Texas, is listed at 5'11 and 173 pounds. The important thing, however, is his 40 yard dash, which is listed at 4.4. While I don't think he's slow by any means, I'm not sure if I buy the 4.4.

Ayers played a lot of QB last year, but will be coming to WSU as a WR. You can see his straight line speed on a few plays, but I think he's quicker than he is fast. He fits the Mike Leach Slot Receiver mold as a small-ish shifty guy with nice hands. Be forewarned: this video isn't very good, and as I stated previously, he played mostly behind center.

If you want to see a better quality video, you can go here.

Ayers currently has 14 offers, but only three of those are BCS schools (including WSU). He's NR as of right now, but I feel like he'll wind up a solid 3 star once more of his tape becomes available. I don't think you can ever have too many WRs, especially in Mike Leach's offense. It's too difficult to make a real evaluation on what little tape there is right now, so I'll say my grade on Ayers is incomplete. I'm not looking at his speed and salivating like a lot of people because I don't think he's as fast as reported and speed doesn't equal productivity. I'll revisit this evaluation in the fall. For now, welcome to WSU, DeMarcus.


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