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Another Evaluation Of QB Recruit Tyler Bruggman, Via Cougar Sports Weekly

WSU secured a huge verbal commitment on Wednesday from four-star Phoenix, Ariz., quarterback Tyler Bruggman, which we covered here and here. Given that we knew Bruggman's decision was forthcoming, I wrote a brief evaluation of him as part of last Friday's Cougar Sports Weekly:

There were a couple of things that noted [about QB recruit Tyler Bruggman] that did stand out to me in the few minutes of video I was able to find.

First, Bruggman has excellent pocket awareness — he’s able to move side to side while keeping his eyes downfield to find a target. His poise is superb, and I’m guessing this is one of the things that attracted Leach to him. Leach has said he needs his quarterback to be a cool customer, able to keep his head and lead the team in difficult times. At least in terms of on-field play, Bruggman seems to fit that bill.

Secondly, he has a bit of an unorthodox delivery in which he winds up and then sort of seems to shot-put the ball. It’s different, but it doesn’t appear to limit his effectiveness. And given Leach’s own unorthodoxy (yes, that’s actually a word!), I’m guessing he could care less as long as he can do everything he needs to do effectively.

You can find CSW subscription information here. The main portion of last week's newsletter, which you'll get access to when you subscribe, covered just what kept baseball from advancing the postseason. I this week's edition, I'll be covering baseball's future prospects, and offer some thoughts on the transfer of Patrick Simon and the recent football verbals.