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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Monday Morning Caption Contest

Getty Images

Another light day on Cougar news so I thought we'd mix it up with a caption contest. I did some searching through SB Nation's photo tool for a good WSU photo to caption, but didn't find anything interesting. Instead, today's photo comes from the Military Bowl.

My submission is, "you know timeouts in football are too long when players have time to practice karaoke during them." That should be fairly easy to top, so leave your best submissions in the comments.

For those of you wondering about recent commit Markell Sanders, Kyle will be by later today with his evaluation.


Leach Effect is in full bloom at Wazzu | National Football Post
A program like Washington State doesn't ordinarily get a commitment from a player such as Tyler Bruggman. Then again, this isn't your ordinary Wazzu program anymore.


WSU baseball coach Marbut hires Waer as assistant - - June 17, 2012
Patrick Waer has joined the Washington State University baseball coach Donnie Marbut’s staff as an assistant coach.